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This time I will tell you about the CROCODILES of Gianlucabastianello.

They are not real "jewels" since they are not worn, but they are objects created to furnish and enrich some corner of your home, surely they will not go unnoticed and you can enjoy their view at any time.

And why not even make it an unexpected and original gift?

The CROCODILES collection consists of some "useful" and precious pieces at the same time, they are in 925 silver handmade and combined with the color of semi-precious stones.

The CROCODILE LENS / PAPER CUTTER will be on display on a desk in the studio or on a dresser or maybe near the saucer of the post ...

The CROCODILE EMPTIES POCKETS to put beauty even in the bathroom or in the walk-in closet, the agate bowl will collect coins, rings, earrings and other small parts that sometimes do not have a precise place, or even pout purry to perfume the environment!

But the most fascinating of all is definitely the CROCODILE

who enjoys the sun in his carnelian pond in the company of a murano glass bloom ... he has no purpose but to be admired!

Whatever use you want to make of it, gianlucabastianello's CROCODILES are waiting for you in Venice in Calle Stagneri 5192...

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